Retail Financial PlanR


If you need a more powerful and efficient solution than Excel;
PlanR is the right solution for you!

One of the biggest challenges in planning is to identify which plan version is the latest and which numbers are still valid. PlanR supports creating and developing trading plans and gives flexible easy-to-use retail planning templates. This will enable retailers to create high and low-level detailed financial plans, which merges measures and calculations together to solve a business specific need and will fit into the corporate strategy.

  • Our cloud-based SaaS solution has all the advantages of a multidimensional framework for developping, forecasting and planning based solutions which are proven to be scalable .
  • It offers an intuitive, fast, integrated and collaborative platform for managing, executing and controlling your business plans. PlanR enables retailers to drive profit and to maintain flexibility in a changing business environment.
  • This solution is designed to support retail strategy and to lower the overall total cost of ownership. 

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PlanR is accessible through a web-browser, at any place, on any device and at any time. 

PlanR can differentiate users on a planning level and on an authority level. You have Top-Down users who make less detailed plans and the Bottom-Up users who make detailed plans on store or weekly level. 

PlanR is flexible, you can decide which part of the database you want to work with, which KPI-s you need to display in your workbook and there are plenty other functions that make the planning process in the application seamless. Users can create their own plan versions, but until they commit it to the main database, it is not available for others.  

During seasons/periods it is possible to adjust the original plan. After forecasting, the in-season changes have to be followed in order to react to the changes in time. With PlanR it is easy to adjust the plan, with one change in the parent cell, hundreds or thousands of calculations can be done in seconds in the lower level cells. If you need to, you can also lock certain cells so they won’t change while every other cell will be adjusted according to your modification. 

In PlanR there are multiple other functions that make processes smooth and coherent for the user. You can display charts to make the results more visual and export all your data to Excel with one click. 


  • Users or user groups can be restricted to see only some relevant parts of the whole planning or the KPI’s. 
  • Making a what-if analysis is very easy in PlanR, you can compare two different plan versions with only one click. 
  • PlanR’s data structure and functionalities make it possible to solve the problems of the planning process.