Retail Performance PlanR


Retail performance PlanR was specifically designed for multi-store retailers to provide an overview of the performance of each store.

It also allows to compare different aspects of performance including key indicators of profit and loss, industry benchmark comparison and network-wide average comparison of performance. This tool helps you identify the stores operating at loss and offers you insights and solutions on how to improve efficiency of such stores.

To offer you the most efficient retail performance review and improvement solution, PlanR provides you with insights and recommendations as a cloud-based and user-friendly virtual partner that simplifies your daily performance review and analysis routine: meaning that no matter where you are and when you need to access your KPIs, PlanR is always there for you.

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In today’s challenging business environment, it is difficult to decide on an action plan for the most critical pain points in the business. Luckily PlanR can make suggestions based on a built-in alert system which notifies you if your stores deviate from the optimal levels of their KPIs.

Occasionally, retailers also have a hard time defining their most relevant focus based on KPIs. To help them, PlanR creates categories of stores with similar performance characteristics. This helps you to compare apples to apples, check against similar stores in your network and save time when creating an action plan as it is relevant for multiple stores that are in the same group.

With all the known issues at hand, difficulty arises on how to find and adjust your underperforming stores to reach the best possible outcome. PlanR provides you helpful insights and suggested actions by highlighting which aspects need to be modified and to what extent based on the KPIs monitored by the system. Now the key is in your hands.